Volunteer Profiles – Sabrinna


Our Volunteer Sabrinna – Withrow Park Farmers’ Market

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Sabrinna and I’m currently a University of Toronto student. I was born and raised in this amazing city. I still love exploring new areas and trying new things – like the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market!

What inspired you to volunteer with The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market?

I aspire to work in the environmental field so when I saw the volunteer position for the market, I was really excited. I wanted to gain the experience of volunteering for an environmentally friendly initiative and interacting with like-minded people – what better place to do this than the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market!

What has the experience been like so far?

The experience has been amazing. I get to meet so many diverse and enthusiastic people! When it comes to the vendors and the volunteers, it has been so amazing to see how much they value what they do. The atmosphere is also incredible; I always say Saturday mornings are the most relaxing part of my week.

What is your favourite aspect of being a volunteer?

I just love being able to be a part of something that I know benefits both people and the planet. The kids are amazing! I love being able to help them create and see how happy their are with their end results.

And most importantly – What is on your farmers’ market shopping list?

Berries and honey! (I’m secretly Pooh-Bear)

Withrow Park Farmers’ Market wouldn’t exist without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers. If you love being outside, eating yummy local food and being part of a wonderful community initiative, then the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is the place for you! JOIN US!

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