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The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market (WPFM) was created to connect Ontario farmers and producers of local specialty food items with consumers in a direct exchange. 

Few things you should know before applying:

Ideal WPFM Vendor

  • The market vendor is a grower/farmer who grows their produce on land owned by them or under their direct cultivation.
  • The vendor is a member of a farmers’ co-operative, in which case the Market Manager requires a list of all the members of the co-operative and their produce/product, and requests that individual co-op members attend the market at least once during the season.
  • The vendor is a farmer him/herself, but is also assisting a particular community that cannot access the market due to special circumstances (i.e. as in the case of Old Order Mennonites who use horses and carts for travel and transportation, in which case members of that community are encouraged to attend the Market at least once during the season).

At all times it is at the discretion of the Market Manager to accept or refuse certain products.


  • This is a producer-only market. Any resale that may occur has to abide by the guidelines and is at the discretion of the Market Manager.


Before submitting your application, please review our  Market Guidelines for all the rules and regulations of the Withrow Park Farmers Market:

Market Guidelines 2018

To apply please click on the link below and fill in the online form:

Farmer/ Food Vendor Application


Not a farmer or food vendor but interested in participating in the farmers’ market? Send us a detailed email:

You may also want to register at Which is a great new ‘Matchmaker’ website for vendors and farmers’ markets.


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