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Come meet the people behind the fresh local food, the fabulous fun and the incredible artistry at the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market.

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Beekeeper Brian Hamlin – Occasional Type of Vendor: Beekeeper
brian.hamlin Location: Apiaries around GTA
Description: Urban and rural beekeeper extraordinaire! Brian has several hives across Toronto, including the University of Toronto campus, Toronto Islands, and the Portlands.
List of crops/products: Honey and handcrafted one-of-a-kind candles
Website:  beehamlin.com
Cookstown Greens – All-Season Type of Vendor: Organic Vegetables
cookstown Location: Thornton, ON
Description: Southern Ontario’s source for premium organic produce. Offering a large variety of the best quality certified organic vegetables, greens, seedlings edible flowers and garnishes.
List of crops/products: Organic greens, root vegetables, seasonal vegetables, winter squashes, edible flowers, and foraged garnishes
Website:  cookstowngreens.com | Instagram: @cookstown_greens
Danbrie Farms – Occasional Type of Vendor: Maple Syrup
danbrie.jpg Location: Milton, ON
Description: Danbrie Farms is a Canadian producer of pure maple syrup and related maple products, located in the GTA.
List of crops/products: Quality maple syrup and organic potatoes
Website:  danbriefarms.com
Feast of Fields Organic Orchard – All-Season Type of Vendor: Organic Fruit
feast.jpg Location: St. Catherines, ON
Description: In addition to wine grapes, Feast of Fields grows a variety of tender fruits
List of crops/products: apples, apricots, sweet and sour cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears (European and Asian), plums, raspberries, blackberries, currants, figs and other small fruit
Website:  feast-of-fields.ca
Fiddlehead Farm – All-Season Type of Vendor: Vegetables
fiddlehead Location: Prince Edward County, ON
Description: Fiddlehead Farm has been growing vegetables on six acres in Prince Edward County since 2012.
List of crops/products: Beans, beets, cabbages, carrots, celeriac root, ground cherries, herbs, melons, Jerusalem artichoke, onion, potatoes, peppers, rutabaga, summer squashes, winter squashes, tomatoes, and more!
Website:  fiddlehead-farm.ca | Instagram: @fiddleheadfarmpec
Home Sweet Farm – Occasional Type of Vendor: Fruit & Organic Spices
Location: Erin, Ontario
Description: Fruit orchard, vegetables, and cut flowers. All grown organically. Purveyor of Fairtrade & Organic certified spices 
List of crops/products: Fruits, cut flowers, garlic, and imported spices such as such as Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne pepper, curry powder, coriander, vanilla beans and more.
Website:  homesweetfarm.ca/
Kendal Hills Game Farm – All-Season Type of Vendor: Mushrooms and Meat
Location: Clarington, Ontario
Description: Kendal Hills Game Farm is situated on 70 acres of rolling woodland in the ecologically sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine. Emily has called Kendal Hills home since she was a child and now she and Dave, as well as their two kids and her parents, are working with the land to farm pasture-raised fowl & other livestock and to cultivate and wild-harvest gourmet mushrooms. Emily & Dave are committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture.
List of crops/products: Mushrooms, chicken, turkey, quail, squab, duck, goose, pigs & rabbits.
Website:  kendalhillsgamefarm.ca | Facebook: kendalhillsgamefarm | Instagram: @kendalhillsgamefarm
Monforte Dairy – All-Season Type of Vendor: Artisanal Cheese
monforte Location: Stratford, ON
Description: Plethora of real Ontario cheese
List of crops/products: Artisan goat cheese, cream cheese, soft-ripened cheese, and aged cheese
Website: monforteonline.ca | Instagram: @monfortedairy
Murray’s Farm – All-Season Type of Vendor: Meat, Eggs & Vegetables
Location: Cambridge, ON
Description: Raises pastured heritage pork, poultry, and eggs; including a variety of market gardens.
List of crops/products: heritage eggs, a variety of pork sausages, heirloom tomatoes, heritage potatoes, sweet corn and more
Website: murraysfarm.ca |Instagram: @murraysfarm
Organic Vibes – All-Season Type of Vendor: Vegetables & Preserves
organic vibes Location: Brampton, ON
List of crops/products: Seasonal vegetables. Callaloo, scotch bonnet, black garlic, jerk sauce, hot sauce and preserves
Soulgarden Farm – Occasional Type of Vendor:
Location: York Region
Description: Soulgarden Farm has in the past two years been the largest scale grower of Golden Berries, and Gynura (Longevity Spinach) in southern Ontario. Golden Berries are commonly imported from Columbia and Peru and sold at grocery stores, while Gynura is hardly on the map. Both are extremely rewarding in terms of their health benefits and are well suited for production in Ontario’s climate.
List of crops/products: The main crops grown include Sweet and Hot Peppers, Hybrid and heirloom Tomatoes, Eggplant, Tomatillos, Golden Berries, and Potatoes. The farm also grows smaller crops of spring and fall vegetables like lettuce/leafy greens, beans, radish beets, and onions.
Instagram: @SoulgardenFarm  | Facebook: Soulgardenfarm
The Backyard Urban Farm Company (BUFCO) – Occasional Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto
Description: The Backyard Urban Farm Company is an award winning, family-run, organic vegetable landscaping company that builds, installs, plants, and maintains edible gardens for residential and commercial clients throughout Toronto. Our mission is to ignite people’s passion for growing their own food and to help them reconnect with Nature.
List of crops/products: Raised garden beds, as DIY kits or as BUFCO installed, wheelchair accessible garden bed, certified organic vegetable seedlings, certified organic worm castings, various gardening accessories such as: Hoop Tunnel Kits for season extension, Critter Barrier Kits, Shade Cloth Kits.
Website: bufco.ca | Instagram: @BUFCO

Artisan Foods

Baha’s Food – Occasional Type of Vendor: Ethnic snack food & gourmet sauces
Hiren&Johnny Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Hand-crafted samosas and gourmet hot sauces, mustard and ketchup
List of crops/products: Samosas: classic veggie mix, dosa, okra & potato, chorizo burrito & cheeseburger. Sauces: Wild Tang hot sauce, Conditous grainy mustard,  Baha’s Ketchup, Sweet Carolina Heat, & Painful Passion hot sauce
Website: bahasfood.com |Instagram:@bahasfood
Eastend Vegan – Occasional Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto, ON
List of crops/products: 
Website: |Instagram:
Gemaro Bakery – All-Season Type of Vendor: Gluten-free Baked Goods
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Freshly hand-crafted artisanal bread, cookies, sweets & treats  that are vegan, gluten, nut and soy free
List of crops/products: Loaves, biscottis, tarts, cookies, shortbread, crostini and more
Website: gemarobakery.com | Instagram:@gemarobakery
Malty and Hoppy Delicacy – Occasional Type of Vendor: Artisanal jams & jellies
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Local craft beer is their motto! Malty & Hoppy offers delicacies with a beer twist by infusing their jams, jellies, and nuts with local craft beer
List of crops/products: beer jelly, beer-infused jam, beer-infused sausages, beer-infused nuts, as well as beer-infused macarons & chocolates
Website|social: maltyandhoppydelicacy.ca | @maltyandhoppydelicacy
Mama Linda’s – All-Season Type of Vendor: Filipino Cuisine
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Mama Linda’s offer homemade delicious flavours of the Philippines made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy a wide range of flavours from sweet & sour, savoury, and sweet & spicy and discover the underrated cuisine of Asia
List of crops/products: Filipino-style breakfasts, buko (coconut) pie, mung bean soup, humba (braised pork belly), pork adobo, shrimp curry and more
Facebook: @mamalindasTO
Manning Canning – Occasional Type of Vendor: Preserves, jams, jellies, and shrubs
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Manning Canning makes an assortment of award-winning gourmet preserves and healthy beverages.
List of crops/products: Spicy Tomato Jam, Sundried Tomato Mustard, Zuchini Relish, Onion Garlic Jam, shrubs and more!
Website: manningcanning.com | Instagram: @manningcanning
Mnandi Pies – All-Season Type of Vendor: Hand-crafted meat pies
20108522_844515669046042_1596640566837404629_n.jpg Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Zibabwean style meat pies that can be snacked on anytime
List of crops/products: Steak & Onion, Kale & Carrot, Chicken & Mushroom, Beef & Kale, and Chakalaka
Website: mnandipies.comInstagram: @mnandiepies
Motherdough Mill and Bakery – All-Season Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto, ON
List of crops/products: 
Website: |Instagram:
Revere – Occasional Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: An Italian inspired restaurant offering fresh handmade pasta, sauce and sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients.
List of products: take-home fresh pasta  sauces, veggie and
Website: revereto.com |Instagram: @revere_to
Rob’s Good Food – All-Season Type of Vendor: Fresh Baked Goods
Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Artisanal hand-crafted baked goods in small batches
List of crops/products: Fine jams, preserves, condiments, sweet and savoury pies, soups to go, organically based bread, buttertarts, grilled cheese, cookies and many more
Facebook: @robsgoodfood
salt + MUSTARD – Occasional Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto, ON
List of crops/products: 
Website: |Instagram:
St. John’s Bakery – All-Season Type of Vendor: Sourdough Bread
stjohns Location: Toronto, ON
Description: Non – Profit Social Enterprise producing organic sourdough breads and sweets
List of crops/products: A variety of sourdough breads, baguettes and cookies
Website: stjohnsbakery.com/
Sweet Sammies & Happy Pops – All-Season Type of Vendor:
Location: Toronto, ON
List of crops/products: 
Website: |Instagram:


VQA Wine & Cider

Hinterland Wine Company
Rosehall Run
Windswept Cider
Ridge Road Estate Winery
The Good Earth Vineyard & Winery


Toronto Knife Sharpening – Every Saturday!

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