Jewellery Repairathon with Louisa LaBarbera Jewellery
Dates: June 2, June 16, June 30, August 11, September 15, 2018
Times: 9am to 1pm – Rain or shine!
Cost: Free!

Simply bring those jewellery items that have been collecting dust to be repaired! Maybe your favorite necklace that fell apart or a bracelet whose clasp has broken.

During the Jewellery Repair-athon, you’ll be able to sit with Louisa to learn the basic elements of jewellery repair and watch as she re-attaches loops, earring hooks, clasps, and more!

Certain materials will be available for free such as regular earring hooks, clasps and more! If you’d like to upgrade to real sterling materials there would be a small fee.



Toronto Clothing Repairathon
Dates: June 2, June 16, June 30, August 18, September 15, 2018
Times: 9am to 1pm – Rain or shine!
Cost: Free!

Toronto Clothing Repairathon runs free public events, where anyone can bring clothing to be repaired by volunteers. Our goal is to encourage the teaching and learning of repair skills, to reduce waste and keep clothing out of the garbage. We also want to build community and have fun!

Bring those holey sweaters, ripped jeans and shirts missing a button, and our volunteers will do their best to repair them. If you’d like to learn to do repairs, volunteers will be happy to show you how and help you mend your clothes.

Please bring a maximum of two items per person, to ensure we help as many people as possible. And keep in mind that we don’t do alterations, just repairs.

Zipper replacements may not be possible at every event, as we are dependent on the skill levels of the volunteers that day, as well as, the time available to complete the repair.

Want to volunteer your sewing skills? Visit!


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