Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July at the Farmers’ Market

It’s finally here! Welcome to Plastic Free July! More than 2 million people across 150+ countries have begun the challenge to make a conscious effort to ditch single-use plastic in their lives during the month of July.

People are increasingly shopping at farmers’ markets to support local farmers, buy fresh produce, and to purchase food without packaging. Yet not all farmers’ markets are waste/plastic free. With your participation, we’d like to change that!

Our ultimate goal is to work towards being a zero-waste market in the near future, and together we can start by participating in great initiatives like Plastic Free July!

This initiative and goal wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s participation. That’s why we’re working with our farmers and food artisans to change the type of packaging they use, but we also need your help!

Here are some tips to help you shop plastic-free at the market:


Forgot to bring your own mug to the market? We’ve got you covered! Stop by our coffee tent and get coffee or complimentary water in a real ceramic mug. Return it to our dish bin and we’ll wash it for reuse. You can even borrow a mug to use at the other vendor tables – like lemonade from Rob’s Good Food.



Bring your reusable bags
to the markets each Saturday. Not just shopping bags but produce bags too! Reusing gently used plastic bags works great if you don’t have cloth bags. Pack a few containers for more delicate items like berries and salad greens.




If you enjoy grabbing a bite to eat at the market pack some reusable containers, and even some utensils. If you don’t finish your meal you can take the rest home and food won’t get squished when you toss it in your tote bag! Or stop by our new Zero Waste Station and borrow a plate or bowl to use at the market.

Put together a zero-waste kit and keep it next to the front door so you can grab it on your way out! This is great for the market and all of your other shopping!



Don’t forget to thank vendors who are plastic-free! Let them know you care and appreciate their efforts!

If vendors are still using plastic packaging, ask if they have considered alternatives and let them know you’re taking the Plastic Free Challenge.



We welcome your ideas, questions, and comments! Come chat with us at the market or leave a comment on social media. We’d love to hear if you have other tips for #ditchingplastic and reducing waste at the farmers’ market!

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