Withrow Market Farm Tour: Marvellous Edibles Farm

Withrow Market Farm Tour - Marvelous Edibles

Visit Marvellous Edibles Farm at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market, Toronto (Facebook) – Saturdays, 9am-1pm, rain or shine. | Category: Farmers Market Toronto | Cover Photo: Marvellous Edibles at Withrow Market – Sarah Elton

Author: Sarah Elton

You’ll find Marvellous Edibles Farm in the gentle rolling hills of Grey County, not far from the towns of Meaford and Owen Sound. It’s farm country. There are apple orchards, family farms, beef cattle. Ayse and Jens moved here from Toronto to farm full time six years ago. Together with their now teenage son—and with the help of interns—they grow a wide variety of vegetables, raise pigs, cows and chickens and at their small pond you’ll find ducks too. The farm is certified organic and is teeming with life, including in the soil that they care for without pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. On a sunny summer day, you even can hear the pollinators flying around, making their contribution to producing food too.

On Saturdays, Jens drives down with a truck full of freshly picked produce, eggs from their chickens that live free and roam around, frozen cuts of pork, 100 percent grassfed and finished beef and chicken as well as preserves, fermented pickles, sauerkraut and pies and other baked goods prepared by Ayse in their inspected on-farm kitchen.

This is the kind of farm you support when you do your shopping at Withrow Market.


Marvellous Edibles Farm: Certified Organic since 2009, (they) grow beautiful organic and often heirloom non-hybrid vegetables planted with the moon phases.

And it’s not only their family farm that you are supporting when you buy directly from a local farmer. When you support local agriculture, you end up strengthening the whole rural economy because of what’s called the “multiplier effect.” That is, when you increase spending it causes an increase in income and consumption that is greater than the initial amount spend. This is why local food dollars are so powerful in rural communities. They circulate and they multiply—because the farmer you are purchasing from supports her own local economy when she uses her income to buy other goods and services in her area. And vibrant rural communities are good for everyone. Small family farms like Marvellous Edibles not only bring us healthy foods to market and fuel the economy, but they provide society with ecological goods and services too. Farms can play a key role in the watershed, in biodiversity conservation and the trees on their land sink carbon.

That’s a whole lot of good packed into some kale, eggs and onions!kale Join us at Withrow Market!

1828517Watch “A Day on the Farm” video by Thomas Marguire of Marvellous Edibles Farm.

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