Iced Greek Mountain Tea with Honey

Refresh your summer with a cold Mediterranean tea brew at The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market.

Now being served at the Withrow Market Coffee Tent by our friendly and dedicated Market Volunteers!

Greek Mountain Tea is naturally caffeine free. It’s a very important part of the Mediterranean diet, with consumption dating back to ancient Greece. The growing environment found in the mountains and hillsides of Greece result in concentrated, flavourful and potent herbs that are hand farmed and hand packed. They are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and phyto-nutrients, so there is more benefit than just the taste.

51oBy8ppC1LTry our Market Iced Greek Mountain Tea with Honey; Brian Hamlin honey! Available in 12 oz cups. Bring your own traveller mug and get 25 cents off! Limited quantities available every Saturday.

Made with: Greek Mountain Tea (Certified Organic, USDA & European Union), filtered water, and Brian Hamlin’s Toronto Portlands honey.

Stop by our Market Coffee Tent and give it a try! We’d love to get your feedback! Make a Saturday stop at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market (Withrow Park, Toronto, Canada). We’re here every Saturday, 9am-1pm; from the beginning  of June to Thanksgiving, rain or shine.


Photo: Greek Mountain Tea Harvest. Courtesy  Flickr Creative Commons


The Greek Mountain Tea brewed fort Withrow Market is certified organic.

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