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Brian Passmore - Market Music blog - Withrow Park Farmer's Market

Photo & Video: Courtesy Brian Passmore

On a Saturday morning in Withrow Park, the sounds of people singing and a guitar strumming lends a festive atmosphere as people snatch up fresh produce at the farmers’ market. – Josh, Market Patron

Farmers Market Toronto

Performers, Musicians/Buskers. Please Leave Us Your Details Here: Market Music – Contact Us

The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is proud to offer the opportunity to spotlight local Toronto performers on a slightly larger scale this season, with a new sound amplification permit [1], and promotion through blogs, social media and newsletter. We are seeking a variety of performances and genres. Bookings must be done in advance.

Music performances must be acoustic unless you bring your own sound equipment [1]. We don’t have access to our own on the market site.

Performances should be 30-45 minutes in length per set on market Saturdays and run between 9:00am-12:30pm; be appropriate for a wide range of market patrons (all age appropriate), and also fit with the market feel.

1245694766439408861johnny_automatic_tomato_plant.svg.hiIn order to secure a performance slot, performers must Market Music – Contact Us soon, and be accepted and scheduled by our Market Manager or the Withrow Park Farmers Market Board. Performers will be allowed to sell merchandise and CD’s on site.

The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market reserves the right to not accept acts that are deemed unsuitable.

Interested in sharing your musical talents with the market community?

Please contact us and leave us your details using the form provided below. Be sure to include information about yourself or your band.

Check out this video! Courtesy of Brian Passmore, one of our performers. Brian will be returning to Withrow Market in 2016! Brian Passmore: Road to You from Fotis Kanteres on Vimeo.

1828517Performers, Buskers and Musicians, Please Leave Us Your Details Here: 
Market Music – Contact Us
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