Ethical Animal Farming

Withrow Market - Ethical Farming

Photo: Farmer Murray at his farm on Southwestern Ontario – Specializes in Heritage Chicken Eggs & Pastured Berkshire Pork.

The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is dedicated to promoting free-range, humane, organic and hormone-free animal farming. The Market will only host farmers that exercise these practices on their farm.

Smaller family farms exercise humane animal treatment practices and we hope that one day soon ethical farmers will have the share of the food production industry that they rightly deserve. Be knowledgeable about where your food comes from, know your farmer, and support your local farmers’ market!

Visit our list of Farmers & Vendors for the 2016 season.

By John Zeus, a Withrow Park Farmers’ Market Volunteer.

Join us every Saturday in Withrow Park, 9:00am-1:00pm. The Withrow Park Farmers’ Market opens for the 2016 season on June 4th!  We are located in the northeast corner of Withrow Park, 1 block south of Danforth Ave., between Carlaw and Logan, in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood.

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  1. Best farmer EVER! Murray has the best pork ever. Love him


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