Top 10 Reasons Why People Shop At Farmers’ Markets

Top 10 Reasons To Shop At A Farmers’ Market!

  1. Local food is fresher and tastier
  2. Enjoy delicious foods that are only available in-season
  3. Strengthen the local economy and keep your dollars at home
  4. Meet the farmers who grow your food
  5. Protect your health and the environment with food produced sustainably
  6. Support farmers who are committed to the humane treatment of animals
  7. Discover new specialty foods/products that will impress your dinner guests
  8. Support the future of family farms and food security in Southern Ontario
  9. Keep good agricultural jobs in your community
  10. Protect natural beauty and green spaces by preserving farmland and the Greenbelt
List of Withrow Market Farmers & Vendors – Toronto 2016



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