Is there anything better than a fresh start?

Spring, you beautiful season you. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to walk outside and not want to immediately take shelter. This winter was not particularly kind to us, here in southern Ontario. A sentiment I’m sure will be greeted with a vigorous round of head nodding and applause. Cold, bitter days with dark mornings. Not exactly giving us hope that spring would show her face once again. Yet, here we are. Strolling on sidewalks flanked by green patches and surrounded by tulips and daffodils. The earth’s ability to recover never ceases to amaze me. While we stand around blinking in disbelief that winter was ever here, the earth just carries on as it always does. Rolling its eyes at our childish insistence that we are in charge of the seasons. Spring is a gift, really. A fresh start after a hard cold winter. A calling to get outside, to dig up our gardens, to repaint our patio furniture and dust off our canning equipment. To begin again. Yes, life is still beating out it’s rhythm and we still are who we are, but the spring sunshine and new growth seem to be an invitation to begin anew, to start fresh.

The rains and heavy thunder (and the full moon!) of the past few days are a welcome relief to all our gardens. One can’t help but think it’s symbolic: a washing away of winter dust to make way for spring. Just in time for this year’s first market! Despite the cold winters and smaller-than-usual harvest, it’s exciting that the market is starting up again. It’s a welcome relief to know that markets all over the city are popping up with fresh produce and welcoming smiles easily available. 

It’s time to get the bikes out of the garage and to wash off the barbecue. Our market will be in full swing, we hope to see you there! Let this weekend be your fresh start. 

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