… And We’re Back

– By Camille DePutter

Welcome back to the Withrow Farmers’ Market Blog. We took a winter hiatus but with spring around the corner (and market season coming with it) we are re-invigorating our blog. 

For the remainder of March we’ll be exploring the theme of work and play. For many, March is time to take a well-deserved break – quite possibly a warm escape somewhere away from the last dregs of winter. But March is also a time of hard work – we’re getting close to wrapping up the marathon of winter but we’re not at the finish line yet. 

When it comes to food, what is the interplay between work and fun? Growing up we may have been warned not to play with our food, but really, food can be a great source of joy, experimentation, and even silliness. Of course, if you work in the food business – as a grower, producer, cook, etc – food can be, well, work. And sometimes just getting a meal on the table for your family can seem like a heroic effort. 

Whether it feels like work, or play, or a bit of both, food is an intriguing, fulfilling, challenging subject. We hope you’ll follow along as we continue to explore the different roles food has in our lives, and how we can make it a positive experience with every bite.

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