Career number 4?

By Kathleen Kahlon

It is said that people change careers five to seven times in their lifetime. I’ve already accumulated edit notches in my career belt and I probably have 30 years left of working, so I am ahead of schedule in that regard. I’ve spoken to people of a different generation that stayed in the same job for 30+ years and they’ve offered an explanation to my inability to stay in one career – apparently, I can’t focus.  However I think the opposite it true. I think multiple careers interest people with multiple talents and interests. I would like to think I fall into that category.

Following university, my interests have led me back to school twice. First was to complete a post-graduate degree in public relations and the second time is now.

By day, I own a PR and Marketing firm. But by night I satisfy my intense interest in whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle by sitting in a classroom studying to be a certified holistic nutritionist (this explains my interest in Withrow market!). Once a drama major, I now sit in a classroom studying biology, anatomy, chemistry—subjects I never really excelled at, until now. The difference between then and now is that I love what I am learning and I’m not being forced to learn it. It takes work though. In addition to running my own business, I study. A lot. I study on the subway on the way to see clients, I study instead of doing other things that I enjoy like teaching yoga, reaching and spending time with my family. There is no doubt it is a sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice that I welcome.

It is said that learning is a lifelong endeavor and I have to agree. I still don’t know what I will do with my acting, public relations, yoga, and nutrition certification.  Maybe I’ll have a new career or maybe I will wrap everything into one.  I do know that all my “careers” have always evolved from nothing to something. I expect this one will too. As for now, back to the books…

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