Sharing at the Table

— by Sydney Davis


Taking a moment to pause, in the midst of selecting a bunch of rhubarb or eyeing a basket of strawberries, one can see that farmers do not farm for themselves. Farming, once distilled to it’s basic principle, revolves around sharing. Sharing and giving. The odd weather this summer has delayed crops and created difficulty for farmers, but still they persist in showing up week after week. Offering us their yields and growths, however that happens to manifest. It could be said that abundance comes from the number or volume of something. But I think it goes deeper than that. Abundance comes not from the having, but in the giving. This is never clearer than at a farmer’s market. The fresh fruits and vegetables, warm bread and freshly labeled preservers show us what care, patience and giving look like. The farmer’s abundance, their endless giving, sustains us and buoys us.

I often return home from a trip to the farmer’s market flushed with the delight of having purchased something grown from the ground, selected by hand and, arrived covered in dirt to the table from which I selected it. I feel the abundance as I prepare the food, morphing it into morsels that I will savour with my friends and family. A fresh baked pie, a simple tossed salad, fried eggs and toast. These meals give us cause to feel grateful for not only time spent with each other, but for the abundance of good food. Real food. Food that has made it’s way from farm to table.


Abundance seeps through into the food that we eat, carries through to the tables and to our shared moments. A meal of fresh bread and salad, shared over candlelight. A bowl of summer berries proffered to eager hands. The juice of a peach running down our chins, as we read a novel in the sun. These moments are abundance that has ricocheted from the farmer’s hands into all manner of directions, finding their way into our lives, through the food we eat and share. Therein lies true abundance. 

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