Hooray, it’s May!

I love this month. Seemingly overnight, everything is alive. Buds and blossoms and green grass return. Little local foraged treasures like fiddleheads and ramps pop up and show themselves off on dinner plates. And of course, the return of the Withrow Park farmers’ market is on its way.

It’s a time to get outside. For me, I love to go for hikes and walks. There are some great paths around the Brickworks I love. On a recent visit there, my husband and I joined a big bunch of kids in climbing a very steep – and may I add, very sandy – hill. And also like a kid, I was pretty excited to spy a very healthy looking snake work its way through the grass. (I pride myself on my animal-spotting abilities – it’s one of my super powers.) I also love getting back into the garden, going for runs, and being utterly and completely wowed by the Sakura – the magnificent cherry blossoms that come out in full, fleeting glory for a short time in High Park. 

Getting outside also means patio season of course – and getting the barbeque back in business. As always, one of my favourite things to do is make a big, gorgeous mess in my kitchen. And when more local produce starts to come out, that’s when things really get exciting. 

Having shared those stories, the theme on our blog this month is “Getting Dirty”. I hope the posts this month inspire you to dive in and enjoy the season and not hold back. 

Whatever it is you enjoy, may I suggest proceeding with abandon. Spring is here, guys. Let’s enjoy it!

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