Is spring really here?

by Peter

We all know that we have had one of the toughest winters in recent memory. And when we set our clocks to “spring forward” I believe that there is an expectation from everyone to assume that spring is just around the corner. By now we all know that the groundhogs lied to us this year.

Occasionally we get teased with a great sunny day with temperature reaching 18°C.

But we all know what happened a little over a week ago when winter was back with a vengeance. Just as the tulips were starting to poke through the ground, and our magnolia tree was ready to bloom, we received snow.

Mother Nature is definitely teasing us, but I do remember in years gone bye when Easter fell in April, that we have had less than ideal spring weather.

I have so many outdoor projects that I need to do around the home and I just can’t get started on them. Cleaning up the garden beds, water-repellant treatment of our backyard fence, cleaning out the eaves troughs, pressure washing the deck and getting our outside windows cleaned are all on a very long list.

Now I am just wishing that we can get April past us and May will finally bring us to late spring and the advent of the Farmers’ Markets. I miss the markets and the many friends I made last year. It was a pleasure seeing them every week, having a chat, and buying the best fresh produce that Ontario has to offer.

So a note to Mother Nature: please stop teasing us with beautiful sunny days and then tossing in a cold and miserable day.

We want spring—now!

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