— Camille DePutter

So it’s March. 

Around here that means most of us are pretty desperate for spring to come – but the reality is we still have quite a few chilly, snowy days ahead of us before spring unearths itself. 

This is also the time of year that home cooks might start to get a bit weary of making the hearty, heavy, roasty dishes we’ve been cooking all season. So it’s a perfect time to shake things up, and try something new. 

Hence, this month’s theme on the Withrow Market blog is “ReNEWal.” That means we’ll be sharing stories about new-ness: trying new things; making something familiar new again; or revitalizing or restoring ourselves through food. 

We’ll also have some new guest contributors joining us this month, too! We look forward to sharing ideas and hopefully a little inspiration with you, to add some fun and flavour to these remaining weeks of winter. 

Stay tuned!

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